Peebles Eastgate Arts Centre


The Eastgate auditorium has the following specifications:


o    Retractable raked seating for 156, with a further 20 seats behind
o    56 gallery seats around the sides, some with restricted views
o    Space at the front of the stalls for up to six wheelchairs
o    Floor space (with seats retracted) including stage 17.5m x 7.25m
o    Height to ceiling 7.75m, and height to lighting gantry 6.25m


o    Stage at same level as auditorium floor
o    Stage proscenium opening 7.65m (6m between soft masking)

  • Stage proscenium to back wall 5.5m (4.5m to crossover masking)

  • o    Stage from centre line to left wall 6.1m (3m to soft masking)

  • o    Stage from centre line to right wall 4.65m (3m to soft masking)

  • o    Height of fixed grid 5m (4.5m clearance below lighting gantry)

  • o    Platform lift, 2.1m x 3.1m, forms part of up stage left wing


o    No flying system available
o    Fixed grid 5m above stage with lighting bars at approximately 1m intervals
o    150kg safe working load per lighting bar
o    3 FOH lighting bridges with cat walk access from above
o    access to cat walk via ladder in control room / rear stage

o    ETC Express 125 control console in control / projection room at rear of auditorium
o    92 x 3kw dimmers and 6 x 3kw relays
o    patch: 92 x 15amp pairs and 6 x 15amp independent mains
o    3 x 12 way lighting bridges, and 2 x 6 way side bars above auditorium
o    5 x 12 way lighting bars on fixed grid 5m above stage
o    4 x 4 way stage boxes at floor level
o    16 x switched 13amp independent circuits above stage and auditorium
o    16 x DMX lines to stage and auditorium

o    8 x ETC S4 zoom profile lantern 15-30 degrees permanently rigged on FOH gantry
o    8 x ETC S4 zoom profile lantern 25-50 degrees
o    4 x Iris for S4 zoom profiles
o    16 x ETC S4 PAR EA reflectors with 4 lens set (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL)
o    20 x Selecon 1200 fresnel lanterns and barn doors
o    12 x Selecon Acclaim fresnel lanterns and barn doors
o    12 x Selecon Acclaim zoomspots 24-44 degrees
o    12 x Selecon Acclaim 1-comp floodlights
o    4 x lighting stands
o    4 x bench stands
o    all rigging and focusing above stage is from Genie powered access platform

o    Allen and Heath GL2200 mixing console in control / projection room
o    2 x Tascam MD-301 mkII minidisk player / recorders
o    1 x Tascam CDRW700 CD player / recorder
o    1 x Tascam CD-A500 cassette / CD player
o    1 x Lexicon MPX110 effects processor
o    2 x BSS FCS966 graphic equalisers (1 x FOH, 1 x monitors, 1 x side fills)
o    3 x XS700 power amplifiers (1 x FOH, 1 x monitors, 1 x side fills)

o    16 x XLR3 mic tie lines between stage and control room
o    2 x Shure SM58 mics
o    2 x AKG SE300B mics
o    1 x AKG C1000S condensos mic
o    2 x Beyer GST400 mic boom stands
o    1 x AKG S11 table mic stand
o    2 x Sennheiser lapel radio mics
o    2 x Sennheiser handheld radio mics
o    3 x pairs EV SX300 speakers (2 x FOH, 1 x side fills)
o    4 x WPL1 monitor speakers

o    Metro Audio comms master station in control room
o    6 x Metro Audio comms beltpacks

o    Flying screen (rear stage) 7m x 3m on electric winches, with fixed speakers
o    1 x FP 25 E 35mm projector
o    1 x spooling tower
o    130mm HD lens
o    90 mm HD lens
o    75mm HD lens
o    1 x R-5000 electric rewinder 5000m, spools and splicer

o    3 x QSC 1602 PLX 2 x 600 power amps
o    3 x Martin Audio WT2 screen speakers
o    1 x Martin Audio S18 sub base speaker
o    8 x Martin Audio effect-surround speakers

o    Red velour soft proscenium legs and border
o    Red velour house tabs available on draw track (hung on request)
o    Black cloth on wipe track to form crossover 4.5m up stage of house tabs
o    White filled cloth cyclorama on wipe track down stage of black cloth
o    6 x black legs in fixed positions on swivel mountings, 3 on each side of stage
o    3 x black borders
o    Genie access platform
o    Stage has permanent black vinyl dance floor covering

o    Free standing lectern
o    Upright rehearsal piano
o    Access to Steinway Grand by prior arrangement