Mar 2015 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Esplanade Court, Corran Esplanade, Oban, Argyll PA34 5AB. 01631 567333.


  • Venue is on RHS of main A85 Dunollie Road into Oban as coming down hill approaching sea front. Car Park available. Venue is staffed.
  • Built 1963, Studio Theatre created in 2001.
  • Capacity – Main Hall 730 (interlocking folding padded chairs) Studio Theatre 115 fixed on bleacher rake.
  • Mobile reception excellent all networks.
  • Oban has all services

Hall Details – MAIN HALL

  • Hall Dimensions: 24.38 (88’) long x 17.68M (58’) wide. Height at side walls 5.33M (17’6”) rising to 5.79M (19’) at centre.
  • Stage: Pros opening 11.61M (38’1”) wide x 8.03M (26’4”) depth to cyclorama. Pros height 3.63M (11’11”), height of grid approx 3.96M (13’), height of stage 1.12M (3’8”). Wings 1.37M (4’6”) both sides. Crossover behind cyc. Access treads off front of stage right & also stage right wing. Full set of stage blacks. Overhead rigging possible.
  • Décor: floors light wood with 4 Badminton Courts; walls maroon red lower, white higher; roof mahogany wood colour. FOH tabs maroon red.
  • Get-in: good through double doors up 6 steps onto stage, or fire exit double doors straight into hall, flat. Approx 7M van loading area to stage. 1.73M (5’8”) wide x 2.24M (7’4”) high.
  • Acoustics reasonable
  • Blackout good.
  • Heating by radiators.
  • Baby Grand Piano available. Smoke Detectors in hall & stage – can be isolated.
  • A-frame steps available.

Technical – MAIN HALL

  • Power: 100amp 3-phase supply stage right. 3 x 63amp single phase sockets.
  • Full Stage lighting rig – Strand 36way desk, 36 dimmer channels, some patchable. 2 FOH LX bars, 3 stage LX bars, 3 booms. Range of profile spots, Fresnels, Par Cans, floods, ground-rows, & Followspot – tech spec available on request.
  • Full concert PA system – 16-2 mixer, TOA amps, speakers & monitors, mics.
  • Houselights are dimmable roof-lights, controls DSL or control box.


  • Stage: 8.38M (27’6”) wide with dancefloor covering 7.5M wide x 7M deep (24’7” x 23’). Height to ceiling 3.54M (11’7”). Height to LX bars 3.2M (10’6”). Width between tabs 6.5M (21’4”) Crossover behind back black. Stage at floor level.
  • Décor: black box stage with black dancefloor. FOH tabs (motorised) rust orange, auditorium rust orange-red.
  • Get-in: long, through hall fire exit. 3 steps up from van loading area, along side of building through double doors into hall. Approx 25M van loading area to stage. 1.7M (5’7”) wide x 2.35M (7’8”) high.
  • Acoustics reasonable – no reverberation due to carpet & drapes.
  • Blackout good. All windows have lined curtains.
  • Heating by radiators.
  • Piano shared with main hall. Smoke Detectors in space can be isolated.
  • A-frame steps available.


  • Power: 63amp 3-phase socket & 32amp single-phase socket upstage by dimmers on back wall.
  • Stage lighting rig – Zero88 Sirius 24 desk, 4 Zero88 Betapack dimmer packs (24 patchable channels). 12 x 650w profiles spots, 18 x 650w fresnels/PC’s. 1 FOH LX bar, 2 stage LX bars.
  • Sound rig – Studiomaster Club 142 12-2 mixer, Mosfet amps, 2 OHM speakers, graphic EQ, reverb, CD, mics.
  • Houselights are dimmable ceiling units (many not working). Control in FOH control booth.

Backstage – both venues

  • 2 Dressing Rooms & Green Room shared between venues.
  • Kitchen available.
  • Separate backstage toilets.
  • Café/bar area FOH.