Aug 2009 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Craighouse, Isle of Jura, Argyll PA60 7XS

  • Venue in middle of village on east side of A846 road heading north by harbour. Park on street outside.
  • Built 1915 as TA hall, upgraded and extended in 1989.
  • Capacity approx 100 if stage used, 60 -70 if performing on floor. Folding non-interlocking chairs, stacked on wheeled frames.
  • Variable mobile reception, payphone by Spar shop adjacent to hall.
  • Craighouse has small General Store, Bistro, and Hotel. Banks, Petrol and other services in Bowmore, Islay (17 miles via ferry).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 13.6M (44’7”) long x 7.33M (24’) wide. Height at side walls 2.74M (9’) rising to 3.79M (12’5”) over central area. 4 tie bars to centre in hall.
  • Stage: 7.33M (24’) wide x 1.68M (5’6”) deep. Height above 1.93M (6’4”) rising to 2.96M (‘8”), height of stage 0.83M (2’9”). Access treads SR, no crossover.
  • Décor: Floor old wood with Badminton Court markings, walls old mahogony dark T&G panelling, roof white.
  • Get-in: reasonable, through FOH entrance, 1 step, single door & right angle turn into hall through sliding door. Approx 20M van loading to stage. 0.8M (2’8”) wide x 1.98M (6’6”) high.
  • Acoustics good.
  • Blackout reasonable, all windows have unlined curtains.
  • Heating by low wall panel heaters.
  • No Piano. No Smoke Detectors.
  • No Access equipment.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer in kitchen. Only 2 x 13amp sockets in hall on 2 x 15amp trips – 1 at stage, 1 at back of hall. Kitchen sockets on 30amp ring.
  • No Stage lighting. Dimmable domestic spots on stage.
  • No Sound equipment.
  • Houselights are switched flourescents, switches at back of hall + dimmable domestic spots at back of hall.


  • No Dressing Room area – use stage.
  • Kitchen available.
  • No separate toilets.