Apr 2004 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Dalrymple Hall, 13 Seaforth St, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen-shire AB43 9BD.

Tel: 01361 518761 (hall-keeper)/ 01467 537753 (bookings).

– Venue is in town centre between main A98 road and harbour on corner of Seaforth

St and Station Brae, near football ground. Car park at venue.

  • Built in 1881.
  • Capacity 334 including 66 fixed padded seats on balcony. Padded stacking, inter-locking chairs.
  • Mobile reception good. Payphone in foyer.
  • Fraserburgh has banks, cashpoints, hotels, petrol, shops and all services.

Hall Details

– Hall Dimensions: 13.55M (44’6”) long x 12.2M (40’) wide. Height at side walls 5.65M (18’6”) rising to approx 7M (23’) over centre (flat roof over most of space).

  • Stage: slight rake (1:30) proscenium opening 7.26M (23’10”) wide x 4.4M (14’5”) high, stage depth 5.94M 19’6”). Height of stage 1.13M (3’9”). Wings 2.4M (7’11”) stage right, 2.3M (7’6”) stage left. Crossover at back of stage, access treads (6 steps) from both sides of stage in wings. 2 hemp flying bars, 2 winches and tab tracks. Full set black or grey drapes on stage.
  • Décor: floor polished wood, no markings; walls cream lower, white upper; roof white with tan pillars. Stage FOH tabs navy blue and gold.
  • Get-in: through foyer downstairs, up 2 flights of steps (21 steps), with 2 x 180° turns, 3 doorways 1.02M (3’4”) wide x 2M (6’7”) high. Max 2D object length possible is 3.5M (11’6”). Approx 35M from van loading area to stage.
  • Acoustics good.
  • Blackout reasonable – all windows have lined curtains.
  • Heating by radiators.
  • Upright piano available. No smoke detectors.
  • Large A-frame steps and scaffold tower available.


  • Power: 4 x 63amp (on 40amp trips) single phase sockets in stage left wing – feed house dimmers.
  • Full stage lighting rig – desk (2003) was Coemar 2-preset 24 channel desk, 4 x Zero88 Beta-pack patchable dimmer racks, 8 x 1kw profile spots, 2 x 500w profile spots, 6 x 1kw fresnels, 16 x 500w fresnels, 8 x Par64, follow-spot. FOH LX bar and perches both sides, 5 stage LX bars. Control room on balcony.
  • Sound equipment (By arrangement) – Spirit LX7 24-4-2 mixer, graphic EQ & FX unit, 4 DAS speakers and QSC Audio amps, mini-disc, microphones & DI boxes available.
  • Houselights are dimmable hanging pendant and wall side lights. Controlled from control box on balcony.


  • 1 large and 2 small dressing rooms downstairs from stage (2 flights). Separate toilets and shower.
  • Kitchen
  • Refreshments by arrangement.