May 2000 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Connell Village Hall, Lora Rd, Connel, Argyll PA37 1PA

  • Venue in middle of village off Lora Rd (village loop), by Post Office/shop, near railway station. Small Car Park.
  • Built 1994.
  • Capacity 187 if stage used, approx 80-100 if performing on floor. Non-interlocking, padded, stacking chairs.
  • Mobile reception reasonable.
  • Connel has Hotel, general store/post office and cashpoint. Petrol at Dunbeg (3 miles towards Oban). Banks and other services in Oban (5 miles).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 15.85M (52’) long x 8.13M (26’8”) wide – narrows to 7.32M (24’) wide at 4 x ‘glulam’ roof supports. Height at side walls 4.98M (16’4”) rising to approx 7.32M (24’) at apex.
  • Stage: 5.64M (18’6”) wide x 3M (9’10”) deep. Height of pros 3M (9’10”), height of stage 1.3M (4’3”). Wings 1.22M (4’) either side. No Crossover. Access treads off Stage Left.
  • Décor: floor light wood laminate with Badminton Court; walls lower dark wood, upper white; roof white. ‘Glulam’ roof supports light wood. FOH tabs, legs & border dark bottle green.
  • Get-in: long – through FOH, flat, 2 sets double doors & 90° turn. Approx 25M from van loading area to stage. 1M (3’3”) wide x 2.03M (6’8”) high.
  • Acoustics slightly reverberant.
  • Blackout good – all skylights have blinds.
  • Heating by wall-mounted panels, run off card meter – cards available at adjacent shop.
  • Small electric keyboard available. No Smoke Detectors.
  • 2 part extending ladder available.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer in foyer cupboard. 32amp 3-phase feed to stage lighting dimmer in SL wing.
  • Small stage lighting rig – Zero88 level 6 desk, non patchable dimmers, 6 x 650w profiles on FOH perches, 4 x 650w fresnels & 4 500w spots on LX 1, 2 x 3-cell coda flood battens on LX2.
  • Small PA system – 6 channel mixer amp in SL wing, 2 x OHM speakers, cassette.
  • Houselights are switched fluorescents, switched at hall entrance.


  • Small function room suitable for Dressing Room.
  • Kitchen available.
  • Separate backstage toilet.