Mar 2014 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Ullapool High School, Mill St, Ullapool, Ross-shire IV26 2UN

01854 613336


  • Venue is at back of High School on RHS of Mill St, heading north. Car park available.
  • Built in 2000, as part of High School Community Centre
  • Capacity 188 on retractable seating rake. Extra seats can be added.
  • Mobile reception good, payphone in foyer.
  • Ullapool has banks, cashpoints, petrol, hotels, café, supermarket and most services in the village.

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 18M (59’) long (with seats retracted) x 14M (45’11”) wide. Height to grid 5.5M (18’1”).
  • Stage: Performing area up to 10.5M (34’5”) wide x 6M (19’8”) deep. Staging rostra available 30 units of 2M x 1M & 2 units of 1M sq @ 0.5M high. Makes stage 6M (19’8”) deep x 10M (32’10”) wide (max). Crossover behind back blacks. Access treads available. Back winchable flying bar available.
  • Décor: Floor wood laminate, walls pink breezeblock, roof dark pink. Stage area has back blacks and side legs with motorised black tab system.
  • Get-in: good, via storeroom, flat, straight, 3 sets double doors. Approx 15M from van loading area to stage. 1.98M (6’6”) high x 1.45M (4’9”) wide.
  • Acoustics reasonable
  • Blackout good, no windows.
  • Heating by underfloor system.
  • Upright piano available. No Smoke Detectors in hall.
  • Zarges 3-part extending ladder available.
  • Technical
  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer in storeroom on Stage Right corridor. 63amp 3-phase socket and 32amp single phase socket available. Hall 13amp sockets on 20amp trips.
  • Stage lighting full rig available. Zero88 Jester 24/48 desk, Zero88 Chilli 48 non-patchable dimmers. 3 LX bars (12 circuits each) & 12 dip circuits. 6 x S4 575w junior zoom profile spots 8 x 650w profile spots, 30 x 650w fresnels, 6 x 500w floods. Venue has control room.
  • Concert PA system available. Behringer Eurodesk MX24-4-2 mixer, 3 stereo amplifiers and Mackie FOH & monitor speakers. CD, cassette & microphones available. 24channel 4 return multicore from control room to USR.
  • Houselights are dimmable fluorescents and dimmable downlighters, switches in SL wing area.


  • Dressing Rooms are 2 school changing rooms adjacent to venue.
  • School Kitchen in building
  • Separate toilets in changing rooms.
  • Interval refreshments can be arranged.

Ullapool Macphail Centre Get-In