March 2016 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Oxnam Village Hall, Oxnam, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire

TD8 6RF.


  • Venue is on east side of road at end of village heading south from Jedburgh. Small car park at venue.
  • Built 1922 and refurbished and extended in 1999.
  • Capacity up to 80 if stage used, approx 50 if performing on floor. Padded, stacking, non-interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception extremely limited. Payphone in village (10 mins walk).
  • There are no services in Oxnam. Banks, cashpoints, hotels, cafes, general stores, supermarkets, petrol in Jedburgh 3½ miles.

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 6.6M (21’8”) wide x 14.5M (47’7”) long. Height at side walls 2.79M (9’2”) rising to 4.14M (13’7”) over centre. Width reduced to 6.02M (19’9”) over most of length by bowling-mat frames along side walls.
  • Stage: 4.47M (14’8”) wide x 1.83M (6’) deep. Height of stage 0.71M (2’4”). No crossover. Access treads available.
  • Décor: floor polished wood with no markings; walls cream wood panelled lower, cream upper; roof cream.
  • Get-in: through main entrance, flat, 3 x single doors with 180˚ turn. Approx 10M from van loading area to stage. 0.84M (2’9”) wide x 1.98M (6’6”) high.
  • Acoustics good.
  • Blackout reasonable – all windows have unlined curtains.
  • Heating by suspended ceramic heaters.
  • Yamaha YPG-625 electric piano available. No smoke detectors in hall.
  • 7-step A-frame ladder available.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer located in small hall behind stage. 13amp twin sockets on 32amp trip.
  • Small stage lighting rig – Soundlab G018WG desk, 4 x 650w fresnels on FOH bar with dimmer.
  • Small PA – Meridian MPM-480RC 4 input amp, 2 x Meridian P-10N speakers (wall-mounted), some radio mics.
  • Houselights are switched fluorescents, or wall uplighters – switched in kitchen.


  • Small hall can be used as dressing room.
  • Kitchen available.
  • No separate toilets.