(Talla Chairinis)

Mar 2014 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Carinish Village Hall, Carinish, North Uist, HS6 5HD

– Venue on west side of main A865 island road, about ½ mile south of

Clachan junction, approx 9 miles from Lochmaddy. Car park available.

  • Built in 1958 and extended & extensively upgraded in 2001.
  • Capacity approx 100 if small staging area used, 70 for theatre playing on floor area. Stacking non-interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception variable – some networks good. Payphone at Clachan (1/2 mile).
  • Nearest General Store at Bayhead ( miles), pub at Westport ( miles), Petrol & General Store, Bank/Cashpoint, Hotel & cafe at Lochmaddy (9 miles), other services in Benbecula (10 miles).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 8.95M (29’4”) wide x 15.4M (50’6”) long. Height at side walls 4.68M (15’4”) rising to approx 7.62 (25’) at apex.
  • Stage: Staging units available, 30 units 0.75M x 0.75M @ 0.5M high (frame & board style) makes stage 6M x 3M with treads.
  • Décor: floor light wood laminate with Badminton Court markings, walls butterscotch lower, white upper and white roof.
  • Get-in: good, through FOH entrance up ramp with right angle turn (handrails), through 2 sets of double doors – straight. Approx 10M van loading area to stage area, 1.37M (4’6”) wide x 2M (6’7”) high.
  • Acoustics are excellent – hall has acoustic panelling installed.
  • Blackout good, windows have lined curtains. Only FOH entrance doors have small slit windows that need blacking out.
  • Heating by 8 infra-red quartz heaters.
  • No Piano. Hall has 2 Smoke Detectors, possible to isolate.
  • Access eqpt small A-frame steps and small extending ladder available.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer in cloakroom near hall. 32amp single phase socket at stage end of hall recessed in middle of back wall. 13amp sockets on 32amp ring main.
  • Stage lighting – portable lighting rig available, Zero88 Jester 12 channel 2 preset desk, 2 x Zero88 Betapack dimmers, 4 x Selecon 650w profiles, 8 x Selecon 650w fresnels, 2 LX stands & T-bars.
  • Sound – small portable PA system available, Mackie 12-4-2 mixer amp, Alesis 1501 300w speakers, 3 SM58 mics, CD player.
  • Houselights are dimmable roof lights or switched sodiums, switches at FOH entrance.


  • Backstage store can be used as dressing room, or backstage toilets.
  • Kitchen & Bar area available
  • Separate backstage toilets.