Feb 2014 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: An Cridhe, Arinagour, Isle of Coll, Argyll, PA78 6SY.

01879 230000. Venue has full time staff.

  • Venue is in village on LHS of road as approaching from ferry pier. Car park available.
  • Built 2012.
  • Capacity 269 if stage used, 70-80 if performing on floor. Padded non-interlocking stacking chairs.
  • Limited mobile reception on some networks. Nearest payphone in adjacent bunkhouse. Wi-fi available at hall.
  • Coll has a General Store & fuel pumps, Hotel, Post Office & cashpoint (available during opening hours only), Café & craft/gift shops. Wednesday is closing day in winter. Banks and other services at Oban (via 3 hour ferry).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 15.02M (49’3”) long x 8.95M (29’4”) wide (reduced by sports rebound boards to 7.88M (25’10”) wide). Rebound boards can be removed with advance notice. 3 ‘Glulam’ roof supports reduce width to 8.09M (26’6”) wide at these points if rebound boards removed. Height at side walls 4.27M (14’) rising to approx 6.5M (21’4”) at apex.
  • Stage: Pros opening 7.2M (23’7”) wide x 2.66M (8’9”). Height to stage trusses 3.2M (10’6”). Depth to back blacks 3.66M (12’). Wings 0.87M (2’10”) both sides. Height of stage 1.18M (3’11”). Access stairs at USR corner.
  • Décor: Floor light wood laminate with Badminton Court markings, walls birch ply clad lower, white upper with white roof. Black stage FOH tabs & full blacks, black back wall with black window curtain.
  • Get-in: good, 1 step outside emergency exit, 1 set double doors straight into hall, flat. Approx 6M from van loading to performing area. 1.55M (5’1”) wide x 2.11M (6’11”) high.
  • Acoustics excellent. Hall has acoustic panel treatment.
  • Blackout good. All windows have blinds or curtains.
  • Heating by underfloor system.
  • No Piano. Hall has 3 Smoke Detectors, possible to isolate by panel in entrance lobby.
  • 3 part Xarges extending ladder available.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer. Distribution board in cupboard off stage right. 32amp 3-phase socket (with splits to 3 x single phase 32amp outlets) in same location. Note hall 13 amp sockets on 2 different 16amp trips split between stage end and rear end.
  • Stage lighting – Full rig available. Zero88 Jester 48 desk, 2 x patchable dual input Strand 6 pack dimmer packs (12 channels) for stage lamps & 2 x wall mounted Pulsar dimmer packs for FOH lamps. 6 x Quartet 22/40 profile spots on FOH perches. 6 x 650w PC fresnels on LX 1, 8 short nose 500w Par Cans on LX 2, 8 LED par cans on LX 1 & 2. DMX link to FOH.
  • Sound – full concert PA sytem available. Allen & Heath PA20 20-2-2 mixer. 2 x HK Elias PX 400 watt self powered speakers & 2 x W Audio 350 watt self powered monitor wedges. Multicore to FOH. Mics, stands and DI boxes available.
  • Houselights are switched or dimmable rooflights. Switches by hall entrance.


  • Exercise area behind stage can be used as a dressing room.
  • Kitchen & bar area available.
  • Separate backstage toilet.
  • Small meeting room available.