July 2009 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Victory Hall, Benderloch, Oban, Argyll PA37 1QP

  • Venue is on RHS of A828 heading north out of village, opposite school. Car park nearby.
  • Built 1918 and new hall added in 1996.
  • Capacity approx 200 if stage used, 120 if performing on floor. Plastic padded, stacking non-interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception reasonable. Payphone in hall foyer 01631 720582.
  • Benderloch has a general store with petrol, cashpoint at Connel stores (3 miles). Banks, hotels and other services in Oban (8 miles).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 17.52M (57’6”) long x 7.92M (26’) wide. Width reduced for half length of hall, in front of stage, on hall right by 0.46M (18”). Height at side walls approx 5.79M (19’) rising to approx 7.32M (24’) at apex.
  • Stage: 5.49M (18’) wide x 2.74M (9’) deep. Pros opening 4.98M (16’4”) x 3.02M (9’11”) high. Height above stage 3.05M (10’), height of stage 1.35M (4’5”). Wings SL 1.22M (4’), SR 0.46M (1’6”). No crossover. Access treads off SR wing. FOH tabs & pair of black legs.
  • Décor: floor wood laminate with Badminton Court markings; walls wooden panelling lower, white higher; roof white. FOH tabs navy blue.
  • Get-in: reasonable, through hall fire exit, 2 sets double doors, right angle turn into hall, flat. Approx 15M van loading area to stage. 1.32M (4’4”) wide x 1.65M (5’5”) high.
  • Acoustics slightly reverberant.
  • No blackout. Hall has 14 windows high up. A blackout can be arranged with notice.
  • Heating by wall mounted panel heaters on £1 coin meter.
  • No Piano. No smoke detectors.
  • Small stepladder (not high enough for FOH LX bars).


  • Power: 60amp 3-phase supply in SR wing & 3 x 63amp single-phase sockets in SL wing – all on single phase feed. 13amp sockets on £1 coin meter – one for each side of hall. Need key to unlock access to 63amp sockets.
  • Small stage lighting rig – Zero88 12 way desk, 2 x Zero88 Betapack patchable dimmer packs, 6 x 650w profile spots on FOH perches, 4 x 650w fresnels LX1, 2 x 3cell flood battens LX2.
  • Small PA – 6 channel mixer amp, 2 DAS speakers, CD, cassette, 2 mics & stands. All equipment operated in SL wing.
  • Houselights are fluorescents switched by hall entrance.


  • Small meeting room can be used as Dressing Room.
  • Kitchen available.
  • No separate toilets.
  • Bar serving area.