This site aims to provide technical and generally useful information about a wide range of small venues throughout Scotland. 

For enquiries about availability , rates etc please contact the venue directly.

Welcome to Touring Venue Scotland – the most detailed database of nearly 200 rural and small town touring venues in Scotland for Theatre, Dance, Music, Spoken Word and performance shows.

The aim of this site is to provide accurate data for a whole range of performance venues, where previously there has been little information available.

It is compiled by Mick Andrew (a freelance touring theatre technician for 35 years) and Dave Smith of the Highland-based Right Lines Theatre Company.


On this site Scotland is divided into recognised geographical areas and each of these has a list of venues we have on file. Each venue has a data sheet, pictures (internal and external), a location map and most have plans. These can all be downloaded for future use and are free to use.


Much of the information here was on the original website which was hosted by the Scottish Arts Council from 2003 until it was taken off-line around 2012. Since then most of this information has been largely unavailable until now. Mick Andrew supplied the data, photos and plans for many of these venues and has reformatted these for inclusion in this website, also adding many new venues into the file and updating original ones. This data has been collected on numerous tours for the last 25 years and is largely a one-man effort.


We hope that you find many uses for this site and welcome any information regarding updates or to add new venues onto the database. Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of information listed but we cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions. All venues have been re-checked within the last 6 years via internet sources and tours to establish if there have been any major changes since the original site visit. Where this is known to have happened it is mentioned. Obviously technical facilities may have been upgraded regularly so anything here is intended as a guide.


Please contact us via the e-mail listed with any new information – there is a link below for a template for data collection of a particular venue if this helps. We are not funded in providing this site but feel that it should be freely available for anyone that can use it and welcome any feedback. It is hoped that this information will be kept available on-line from now on for all arts and other interested organisations and individuals.

Many thanks for your interest 

Mick Andrew  Dave Smith

Feb 2020