March 2015 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Aros Centre, Viewfield Rd, Portree, Isle of Skye IV51 9EU

01478 613649 www.aros.co.uk Venue is staffed.

  • Venue is on main A87 approx 1 mile south of town centre on LHS approaching from south. Car Park available.
  • Original visitor centre built 1993, theatre space built 1998.
  • Capacity 181, fixed upholstered seats, 136 on stalls, 45 on balcony.
  • Mobile phone reception good. Wi-Fi available.
  • Portree has all services – 1 mile.

Stage Details – Talla Somhairle

  • Stage: Pros arch 7.6M (24’11”) wide x 5.35M (17’7”) deep to back wall 4.95M (16’3”) to back drawing blacks. Height to grid 4.5M (14’9”) approx, height of stage 0.93M (3’1”). Wings 1.41M (4’8”) both sides. 1.5M deep stage extension available. Crossover behind stage through back dressing rooms. Access treads off front of stage available.
  • Décor: stage black box with legs, borders and drawing blacks, floor laminated sprung light colour wood. Dance floor available. FOH tabs dark blue. Auditorium wooden balcony rails, walls dark blue.
  • Get-in: good, via scene dock off stage right, straight, flat, roller shutter door to scene dock & then straight onto stage, approx 10M from van loading area to stage. 2.9M (9’6”) wide x 2.33M (7’8”) high.
  • Acoustics reasonable, padded chairs deaden reverberation.
  • Blackout good.
  • Heating by underfloor system.
  • No Piano. Smoke Detectors in building can be isolated.
  • Large A–frame steps and extending ladders available.


  • Power: 500amp 3-phase incomer in SL upper gallery. 63amp 3-phase & 32amp single-phase sockets in SL wing.
  • Full stage lighting rig available, Stand GSX desk, 48 hardwired dimmers, FOH bars on 3 sides of balcony, 3 stage LX bars & dip circuits. 6 x 1200w profile spots, 8 x 650 watt profile spots, 16 x 650 watt fresnels, 10 x Par64, 4 x coda flood battens. Followspot available.
  • Concert PA System available. Soundcraft Spirit Live 24-4-2 mixer, Martin speakers EM76A & EM201 with monitors Martin EM56 & T&M 122. T&M amplifiers, graphic EQ, DAT, minidisc, CD, cassette players available. Selection of microphones (Shure, AKG, Beyer, Audio Technica), 4 Shure handheld radio mics, 5 DI boxes.
  • Comm sets from tech box to stage.
  • Houselights are dimmable roof lights, controls in tech box or SL wing.
  • 3 LX bars on winches, Back blacks on winch bar, 8 hemp sets but only 2 upstage ones are empty.


  • 2 Dressing Rooms available.
  • Separate backstage toilets.
  • Café/Restaurant & Bar within visitor centre.