Apr 2004 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Volunteer Hall, St. John’s St, Galashiels, Borders TD1 3JX

Tel: 01896 754751

– Venue is south of town centre off A7 road to Melrose on St. John

St. Parking on street (restricted), car parks nearby. Venue is


  • Built 1874 as Drill Hall and converted to concert hall in C20th.
  • Capacity approx 500 with 256 on retractable bleacher seating. Padded, stacking, interlocking chairs on floor.
  • Mobile reception good. Payphone in foyer 01896 752247
  • Galashiels has all services.

Hall Details

– Hall Dimensions: 18.15M (59’7”) wide x 12.6M (41’4”) from stage front to bleacher seats. Balcony overhang on hall right/stage left side. Height to LX grid 4.5M (14’9”)

  • Stage: Constructed of demountable folding rostra 9.75M (32’) wide x 6.1M (20’) deep. Height of proscenium 3.35M (11’), height of stage 1.07M (3’6”). Wings 2.44M (8’) both sides. Crossover down steps through back corridor. Access treads (6 steps) from each side of stage to hall.
  • Décor: floor wood no markings; walls brown wood panelling lower, white upper; roof white with beige roof trusses & tie rods. Stage black box drapes
  • Get-in: easiest through fire exit off Gala Park Rd. 3 steps and ramp outside, 2 sets double doors & right angle turn into hall 1.37M (4’6”) wide x 2.24M (7’4”) wide. Alternative route from St. John’s St through foyer but longer. Approx 25M from van loading area to stage.
  • Acoustics reasonable but slight noise from fan convector heaters.
  • Blackout good.
  • Heating by convector fan heaters.
  • Grand Piano available at hall floor level. No smoke detectors.
  • 2 extending ladders and large A-frame steps available.


  • Power: 3-phase incomer with 63amp 3-phase socket & 4 x 32amp single phase sockets in stage left wing. No 13amp sockets in hall or stage except 2 in dip panel & some on balcony.
  • Stage lighting – Strand MX48 desk, 36 channels patchable dimming, large LX grid above hall & 2 stage X bars, control position on hall right balcony. 116 patchable circuits 16 profile spots, 15 fresnels 3 Par64 & 5 x 3 cell flood battens. Followspot available.
  • PA Yamaha EMX300 12-2 mixer amp, 2 Tannoy Puma speakers, microphones available.
  • Houselights are switched sodium uplighters, switched from janitors office/cloakroom in foyer, or use Coda floods on LX grid through dimmers.


  • 2 dressing rooms with separate toilets. Showers available.
  • Kitchen available.