Nov 2014 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Comar/Mull Theatre, Druimfin, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll PA75 6QB. 01688 302673

  • Venue is on RHS of main A848 road into Tobermory about 2 miles south of the town, Car Park available. Venue is staffed.
  • Built in 2008
  • Capacity 88, & up to 100, on demountable seating rake. Padded interlocking stacking chairs.
  • Mobile phone reception variable & not all networks. Phone at venue 01688 302725.
  • Tobermory has Bank & cashpoint, petrol, hotels, cafes, general store and most services.

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 10.62M (34’10”) wide x 14.5M (47’7”) long – seating rake reduces depth to 7M (23’). Height to roof trusses over stage 6.7M (22’).
  • Stage: Approx 7.95M (26’1”) wide x 5.6M (18’5”) deep to back blacks. Crossover behind back blacks. 12 sections of 2M x 1M @0.5M high Topdeck Cameo staging with access treads may be available.
  • Décor: Stage floor black painted ply, walls dark blue, roof open wood truss members & sterling board top. Back black drawing drapes (6M high).
  • Get-in: good – via scene dock, 1 step then flat, straight into venue. 1 electric roller door & 2 large sliding scene doors, approx 8M from van loading area to stage. 1 crew available for get-ins & outs – additional personnel can be arranged.
  • Acoustics reasonable.
  • Blackout good – all windows have lined blinds.
  • Heating by underfloor system.
  • No Piano. Venue has Smoke Detectors, which can be isolated.
  • 12 & 6 rung Zarges ladders available.


  • Power: 125amp 3-phase incomer in scene dock. 63amp 3-phase socket & 2 x 32amp single phase sockets in USR corner.
  • Stage lighting rig available – Zero88 Leapfrog desk, at least 2 x 6 channel Betapacks (up to 4 more Betapacks if touring company equipment available). 4 x side LX bars & 1 bar on balcony, (no overhead LX bars) – circuits run to all bars. 4 x 650w profile spots, 4 x Source 4 575w profile spots, 6 x Par64, 10 x 650w fresnels. Strand Patt293 follow-spot on balcony. Extra lanterns available if touring company equipment at base.
  • Theatre PA system available. Soundcraft GB2 16-4-2 mixer on balcony (multi-core to stage), amp & speakers. Some mics & stands, 2 DI boxes. Minidiscs & CD playback. Comms set to stage available. Additional equipment can be brought in from Comar’s other venue An Tobar.
  • Houselights 4 x 150w floods on stage lighting dimmers, or switched metal halide lights. Switches in USL corner.


  • 2 Dressing Rooms available with shower.
  • Kitchen available
  • Separate backstage toilet.
  • Interval refreshments arranged for all evening shows.