Feb 2003 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Town Hall, Cross Wynd, Hawick, Roxburghshire TD9 9EF

Tel: 01450 364743 https://www.liveborders.org.uk/book/town-halls/

– Venue is in town centre, on corner of Cross Wynd and High St.

Small loading bay and metered parking on street or car parks

nearby. Small Box Office and Lesser Hall. Venue is staffed.

  • Built 1884.
  • Capacity 621 including approx 200 padded seats on balcony. Stacking, interlocking, plastic chairs.
  • Mobile reception good. Payphone in FOH lobby 01450 378010.
  • Hawick has all services.

Hall Details

– Hall Dimensions: 14.75M (48’5”) wide x 15.95M (52’4”) long from stage front to balcony overhang. Balconies overhang both sides by 2.9M (9’6”) each. Height above approx 7.62M (25’) flat ceiling.

  • Stage: Proscenium opening 6.86M (22’6”) wide x 3.71M (12’2”) high. Depth 6.91M (22’8”) to back wall including stage apron, 6.3M (20’8”) to back drapes. Apron is 1.22M (4’) in front of proscenium & 10.52M (34’6’) wide. Height to lowest tab track 3.6M (11’10”), height of stage 1.2M (3’11”). Wings stage left 1.83M (6’), stage right the same downstage and 7M (23’) upstage. Crossover behind back drapes or through back room. Treads to auditorium (5 steps) from both sides of stage apron. Stage has slight rake.
  • Décor: floor polished wood, no markings; walls cream, balcony terracotta; roof white ceiling tiles. Stage floor grey lino, stage drapes rust red with white back wall.
  • Get-in: small loading bay at rear of hall on Cross Wynd. 4 sets double doors & right angle turn into hall 1.4M (4’7”) wide x 2.01M (6’7”) high. Approx 20M from loading bay to hall and stage.
  • Acoustics good with slight natural reverberation.
  • Blackout reasonable but doors have glass window strips.
  • Heating by radiators.
  • 2 upright pianos available – one at stage level, other at hall level. 2 smoke detectors in hall on balconies, none on stage.
  • Large and medium A-frame steps, also 2-part extending ladder and 3-part Xarges ladder available.


  • Power: 160amp 3-phase incomer with 63amp 3-phase and 3 x 32amp single phase sockets in stage right wing.
  • Full stage lighting rig – ETC Express 48/96 desk, 36 patchable dimmer channels & 42 circuits, 10 x 1200w profile spots, 12 x 650w fresnels, 18 x Par64 Cans, 3 x 4 cell flood battens & 4 1kw floods. FOH LX bar & 3 stage LX bars.
  • Concert PA system – Spirit 24-4-2 mixer, Yamaha amps, Yamaha FOH speakers and TOA monitors. Microphones, radio mics, stands & CD player available. Induction loop fitted. Lights & sound operated from control room off balcony.
  • Houselights are switched fluorescent strips, switched from stage right wing. These are partially dimmable.


  • 4 dressing rooms with separate toilets and shower.
  • Kitchen available.
  • Licensed bar & refreshment facilities available if arranged.