Apr 2003 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Melvin Hall, Duthie Road, Tarves, Ellon, Aberdeenshire AB41 www.tarves.org.uk/the-melvin-hall-tarves/

– Venue is in centre of village on north side of B999 road just west

of village square. On-street parking.

  • Built in 1875 with original Carnegie Library (now meeting room) inside.
  • Capacity up to 170 if stage used, approx 100 if performing on floor. Plastic, stacking, non-interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception reasonable, payphone outside hall by kitchen.
  • Tarves has a pub, hotel, mini-market and post office. Banks, cashpoints, petrol and other services in Ellon (6 miles).

Hall Details

– Hall Dimensions: 16M (52’6”) long x 9.1M (29’10”) wide. Height at side walls 3.5M (11’6”) rising to 4.25M (13’11”) over centre (false ceiling roof).

  • Stage: Proscenium opening 6.35M (20’10”) wide x 2.72M (8’11) high, stage depth 5.2M (17’1”). Height of stage 0.9M (3’). Wings 1.6M (5’3”) both sides. Crossover behind back blacks, 5-step treads in corridors either side of stage.
  • Décor: floor light wood with badminton court markings; walls and roof light cream. Roof has skylights along sides. Stage FOH tabs red, on-stage drapes are black.
  • Get-in: either through hall main entrance off street – up 2 steps & 2 sets double doors straight into hall (approx 25M from van loading area to stage), or via double doors into kitchen and double doors into hall (slightly shorter route – 20M).
  • Acoustics good.
  • Blackout good – skylights have blackout blinds.
  • Heating by ceiling mounted electric bar heaters.
  • 2 upright pianos available. No smoke detectors.
  • Large A-frame stepladder available.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer in switch room on side of hall. 13amp sockets on 30amp fuse.
  • Stage lighting 8 x 650w PC lanterns, 1 FOH LX bar and 1 stage LX bar – each has 8 circuits. Control & dimmers not seen.
  • Sound equipment – 2 wall mounted Peavey speakers, control not seen.
  • Houselights are switched wall uplighters or overhead fluorescents, switches in side room at end of hall.


  • Can use general purpose room adjacent to stage as dressing room. Separate toilet nearby.
  • Kitchen available.