Oct 2011 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Reidhaven Park, Craigie Avenue, Boat of Garten, Inverness-shire PH24 3BL

  • Venue is at end of Craigie Avenue, 2nd turn on right as entering village from Aviemore/Carrbridge. Car park at venue.
  • Built 2007.
  • Capacity 100-120 if stage area used, up to 80 if floor used. Tiered rostra system available to create seating rake (can seat 92 on 6 levels). Stacking, padded non-interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception limited.
  • Boat of Garten has General Store, Post Office, Hotel & Steam Railway. Banks & cashpoint, petrol and other services at Aviemore (6 miles).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 16.8M (55’2”) long x 9.41M (30’10”) wide. 3.25M (10’8”) high at side walls rising to approx 6M (19’8”) at apex. 5 roof trusses at approx 4.5M (14’9’) high.
  • Stage area: 9.41M (30’10”) wide x 4.45M (14’7”) deep. Height to tab track 3.1M (10’2”). Wings of 1M can be created within overall width by soft masking. Crossover through back store. Seating rake rostra could be used to create raised stage.
  • Décor: floor light wood laminate with Badminton Court markings, walls & ceiling pine t&g cladding.
  • Get-in: through side fire exit, 1 set double doors, straight, flat. Approx 15M from van loading area to stage. 1.5M (4’11”) wide x 2M (6’7”) high.
  • Acoustics good.
  • Blackout good, all windows have lined curtains.
  • Heating by underfloor system.
  • Upright piano available. 1 smoke detector in hall, possible to isolate.
  • Stepladder & small scaffold tower available.


  • Power: 125amp 3-phase incomer in store behind stage. 32amp single-phase socket (supplies house dimmers).
  • Stage lighting rig – Strand 100 24 channel desk, 24 Zero88 Chilli dimmers & 1 Betapack, 3 stage LX bars, 1 FOH LX bar & 2 LX bars over centre of hall, 8 x Source 4 Junior profiles, 2 x 1200w fresnels, 8 x 650w fresnels, 2 x Par56 cans, 4 x 500w floods, Followspot. Control room at back of hall.
  • Sound rig – Spirit 12-2-2 mixer c/w graphic EQ, 2 RCF speakers (flown) & other monitors, Yamaha P3500S amp, mics, radio mics, CD & Cassette players available. Tie lines 12 send, 4 return installed.
  • Houselights switched fluorescents, switches by FOH entrance. Dimmable rope-light house lighting exists.


  • Meeting rooms can be used as dressing room.
  • Kitchen available.
  • No separate toilets. Showers available.