Feb 2003 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: 11 Leithen Road, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire EH44 6HX

– Venue is in town centre 2 mins walk north from main A72 road.

  • Built 1922 as public hall, with upgrades over the years. Car park adjacent on Leithen St.
  • Capacity max standing 476, seated 350 including balcony, approx 150 if performing on floor. Padded, stacking, interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception good, payphone in backstage lobby 01896 831842
  • Innerleithen has most services including bank & cashpoint, general store, pubs, cafes and hotel. Petrol in Peebles (7 miles).

Hall Details

– Hall Dimensions: 12.65M (41’6”) wide x 15.2M (49’10”) to balcony, 16.95M (55’7”) to back wall (balcony above foyer).Height above 5.35M (17’7”) at side walls rising to approx 7M (23’) at centre (roof is arched).

  • Stage: Proscenium opening 6.96M (22’10”) wide, x 4.65M (15’3”) high. Depth to back tabs 3.66M (12’), to back wall 4.55M (14’11”). Height of stage 1.17M (3’10”) height above to grid 4.42M (14’6”). Wings 0.82M (2’8”) both sides (wider upstage). Crossover behind back drapes. Portable access treads (7 steps) off front of stage available – stored under stage.
  • Décor floor polished light wood, no markings; walls light blue lower, white upper with dark blue curtains; roof white; balcony front light blue. FOH tabs dark blue, stage drapes beige.
  • Get-in: easiest through hall left fire exit by stage, flat with ramp outside, right angle turn, 2 sets double doors 1.22M (4’) wide x 2.08M (6’10”) high. Approx 5M from van loading area to hall & stage.
  • Acoustics slightly reverberant.
  • Blackout good – all windows have lined curtains.
  • Heating by radiators
  • Upright Piano in backstage dressing room (hall floor level). No smoke detectors in hall.
  • Extending straight ladder and medium & small A-frame steps available.


  • Power: 2 x 63amp 3-phase sockets and 2 x single-phase 32amp sockets off 100amp 3-pase incomer in stage left wing.
  • Stage lighting – Zero88 2-preset desk with 24 patchable dimmers in SL wing. FOH LX bar & 2 stage LX bars, 4 x 1200w profile spots, 8 x 650w profile spots, 11 x 650w fresnels. LX desk operating position in control room above balcony or from point under balcony.
  • No sound equipment seen.
  • Houselights are switched wall uplighters or roof lights. Switches in up-stage left corner.


  • 1 backstage dressing room with separate toilet.
  • Kitchen available.