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A church with a clock on the side of a road

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General Information

Address: Scout Hall, 50 High St, Aberlour, Morayshire AB38 9QD.

  • Venue is on west side of High St (main A95) in middle of village. Car parking on street only.
  • Built as a Victorian Church and converted to Scout Hall in 2004.
  • Capacity approx 80. Stacking non-interlocking wooden chairs and benches.
  • Mobile reception good.
  • Aberlour has general store, cafes, hotels. Nearest petrol at . Bank and cashpoint at . Other services at Elgin ( miles)

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 8.99M wide x 14.37M long. Height at side walls 5.02M rising to approx 6.5M over centre.
  • No stage.
  • Décor: floor polished wood, no markings; walls dark green lower, white upper; roof t&g wood panelling.
  • Get-in: off street, up 5 steps, through 2 sets double doors with 2 x right angle turns into hall. Approx 25M from van loading area to hall. 1.04M wide x 2.12M high. Max turning circle for long items is 2.4M.
  • Acoustics slightly reverberant.
  • No blackout – 8 church windows in hall with no curtains.
  • Heating by 4 wall-mounted red-glow quartz heaters.
  • No piano. No smoke detectors in hall
  • 16 rung straight ladder section available.


  • Power: 100amp single-phase incomer. 3 x twin 13a sockets in hall on 16amp trip at kitchen/toilets end of hall only. Kitchen sockets on 32amp trip.
  • No stage lighting.
  • No sound equipment.
  • Houselights are switched wall bulkhead lights or floods, switches at hall entrance.


  • Lounge can be used as dressing room.
  • Kitchen available.
  • No separate toilets.

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