Aug 2009 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: Carradale Village Hall, Carradale, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6SB

  • Venue on RHS of B879 as heading into village approx ½ mile from junction with B842 Skipness to Campbeltown road. Car park available.
  • Built as Victorian water mill (foyer & FOH) with hall built on side in 1940. Refurbished 1996.
  • Capacity 150 if stage used, approx 100 if performing on floor. Stacking padded chairs.
  • Mobile reception variable. Payphone in hall 01583 431353.
  • Carradale has General Store, Post Office, bakery, Hotel, petrol and craft shops. Banks and other services in Campbeltown (14 miles)

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 8.69M (28’6”) wide x 14.58M (47’10”) long. Height at side walls 3.58M (11’9”), rising to 5.64M (18’6”) at centre. Curved roof with 4 supporting arches along hall length.
  • Stage: Pros arch, no crossover. 6.22M (20’5”) wide x 3.35M (11’) deep with 0.86M (2’10”) folding extension. Height above stage 3.12M (10’3”), height of stage (approx) 0.91M (3’). Wings 1.45M (4’9”) both sides. Access treads inset SR wing.
  • Décor: Floor wood laminate with Badminton Court markings, walls light wood cladding with creamy pink upper & ceiling. FOH tabs red.
  • Get-in: good, through side fire exit, double doors, straight, flat into hall. Approx 6M van loading area to stage. 1.32M (4’4”) wide x 1.98M (6’6”) high.
  • Acoustics reasonable, slightly reverberant due to arched roof.
  • Blackout reasonable, all windows have unlined curtains.
  • Heating by wall-mounted radiators.
  • Upright Piano available. Smoke Detectors in hall, non-isolating.
  • Access equipment not seen but assumed to exist.


  • Power: 100amp 3-phase incomer in storeroom in foyer (1 phase supplies street lighting, other 2 phases supply hall). 32amp cee-form socket (30amp trip) in SR wing. Hall has 4 twin 13amp sockets, stage has 2.
  • Stage lighting FOH 4 circuit LX bar, stage LX bar. Lanterns and control equipment not seen.
  • Sound – small PA system assumed to exist. Hall has 2 speakers but no other equipment seen.
  • Houselights are dimmable up-lighters controlled from SR wing, or switched fluorescents – switches on stage or in foyer by hall entrance.


  • Meeting room can be used as Dressing Room.
  • Kitchen & Bar area available.
  • No separate toilets. Shower available.