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    Ella Miles

    I work for a charity called Bike the UK for MS in which we organise cross-country cycling trips to raise both awareness and funds for those living with Multiple Sclerosis and MS research. We have been running these events for almost 10 years and this summer we will be riding the North Coast 500 route.

    I am currently in the process of planning the rides. As a part of the planning, I am looking for places that may be interested in hosting us overnight. On our rides, we try to ensure that we can donate as much as possible to the MS community, meaning we opt to stay in churches, community halls, and sports clubs en route. By opting not to stay in expensive hotels or campsites, we are able to donate more of our team’s hard-earned fundraising to local MS groups across the UK.

    I was wondering if the church would be interested in hosting our team of approx 18 people for the night of 31st July 2023. We don’t require much at all, just some floor space to put our sleeping bags and mats and toilet facilities. Showers would, of course, be a bonus but not essential as we often contact the local leisure centers instead. It would be massively appreciated by the whole team if you were able to host us!

    We would of course love to support you in return too. Whether that is a public thank you via social media, a feature on our website, or a contribution to the efforts involved, we’d love to help where we can.

    Many thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ella Miles


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