Thursday 28th. Hot in The Pot meet the artists session in the morning. Not so many in attendance today, possibly because it was really, really hot. Had a good chat with Charlotte from Soho Theatre, London and Gillian English who has started a fringe festival in Tasmania. Later, a panel discussion on Touring in Australia which was interesting, mainly due to exactly the same issues as in Scotland . How to reach and sustain audiences, ticket pricing, making theatre and other art forms accessible to new audiences and how to appeal to younger audiences when the demographic is usually 50+. The only difference was in travel times… in Scotland, artists drive for 2 hours between gigs, in Australia it is often 2 days and more!

Later a show at Treasury 1860 with Matt Hyde. Honest is about a civil servant descending into crisis which results in a drunken rant, during which only the truth is spoken – at last. Set in a bar, this is a very portable show. No sound, lights, props, just an actor in a bar (and some non-alcoholic drinks!)

And straight after in the same venue, Just Desserts. This is the late night adult show by Michelle Pearson who also does Comfort Food Cabaret. There’s an interactive element where a male audience member is blindfolded and fed various chocolate-drenched sweet items… and guess who the unfortunate victim was??? Photos will follow! At least now I can say I have performed at The Adelaide Fringe!
This is a great show, with a lot more music and song – a 4 piece band to back up Michelle. This will very likely transfer to Edinburgh fringe (I was sitting with a producer who is very very keen on securing the show) and may also be available for touring. Highly recommended.

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