The Wedding

The WeddingThe follow up to “The Accidental Death of an Accordionist” that played to audiences throughout the Highlands and Islands from Knoydart to Embo. Produced by theatrecollective@highland this fall-off-your-chair-in-your-posh-frock-or-kilt comedy is set at the dance of a traditional Highland wedding.

Two families – a butchers and a bakers – not so much a modern day Romeo and Juliet, more a comedy of errors… There’ll be laughter, tears, the odd speech or five – and pies!

An evening of nuptial reality – where bakers eat humble pie and butchers put the knife in… But it’s not all doom and groom for Archie and his best man at this two ring circus. Surely there’ll be a happy ending “cos… this time it’s not love – no, this time it’s the real thing!” An ideal production for community theatre groups, this script is available from