Isle of Love Rehearsed Reading

7 minute sample of rehearsed reading

Full length version 55 minutes


Feedback from the audience at the
Rehearsed Reading – 19th February 2017

Maclean Room, Eden Court

And response to the video recording of the event

“Just to say what a delight it was to see the first outing of the new show.  It has all the ingredients of an absolute winner: light & shadow, sound & stillness, good fun & moving at the same time. The characters were all engaging and coupled with clever, quirky songs, it all merges together into a really innovative piece. Well done, indeed!”

  Kate Martin, Birnam Arts representative.

“I watched Isle of Love with much pleasure.  In fact, it exceeded my expectations in many ways, and although it was just a rehearsed reading, I was fully swept up with the story.  The three plot lines slotted into each other naturally, and while there was a frequent ripple of humour, the basis of the play was substantial and serious.  In addition, the music was gorgeous – instantly engaging, both lyric-wise, and melody-wise.  The songs seemed to link the scenes to together, as well as knit over the gaps.  The actors were convincing, and the pace was perfect – quick, but not too quick. I was riveted. I can easily see this as a commercially viable full length play, along the lines of Whisky Kisses – which, again, managed to unite humour with serious themes, effortlessly.  Theatre audiences want meat, but they don’t want to have to chew very hard.  This play would deliver some poignant truths about environment, island life, marital blues, depression and loneliness – all in a very palatable way. Just get that funding! Brilliant play. Thoroughly loved it.”

Cynthia Rogerson, Tain.

“I was very impressed with the piece.  The integration between music and script worked very well.  I liked the use of all the cast in the narration sequences, instead of just one narrator.  Much easier to take in.  The banter between the actors in these parts was helpful in this respect. One part that grated a bit was the domestic violence scenario.  It has become a cliché in recent years and I think another reason for the girl’s return might be found. But all in all, a good solid piece.  I look forward to seeing the rest of it!”

Peter Whiteley, Tain.

“Most enjoyable, drew me in immediately.  Pacing was perfect.  Held the audience’s attention and interest in an ingenious way.  Such perceptive writing – multi-layered, melancholic, funny, poignant, believable, honest. Each of the characters were convincing.  At times, their facial expressions said just as much, if not more than the words.  The live music wove its way seamlessly through the storylines.  Left us in anticipation … what happens next?”

Ruth Whitfield, Rafford Village Hall, Moray.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing…it was an interesting mixture of gentle, funny and quite thought provoking aspects. The music was so well integrated into the script what with the lyrics as well as the actual quality of Adam Ross’s playing and voice.  Hard to believe he didn’t write some of those songs for the play!!  Ultimately for me, whether it’s a film, a novel or a play… the big question is … do I care about the characters? And the answer to this is YES. I really did care and I wanted to know how it would unfold for each of them.  Well done and I’m looking forward to the continuing story.”

Maggie New, Forres.

“Went to see the rehearsed reading of Isle of Love by Right Lines (Euan Martin and Dave Smith) at Eden Court yesterday.  Centred around and featuring the songs from the brilliant Adam Ross (frontman of band Randolph’s Leap).  I think we have a rather good play in the making and look forward to seeing the finished play too.”  AND a follow up email a few days later…
“I felt the rehearsed reading offers some strong possibilities.  The themes explore romance, loss, longing and abuse taking the audience on a very emotional journey. It’s good to laugh along the way and we all search for happy endings …. and this should be further developed and crafted sensitively. The audience’s emotional journey needs to be taken care off as the play develops…. how do the stories draw together or conclude. E.g. is this a series of unrelated cameos or is there a underlying theme the binds them? The music is fantastic and the cast is strong.  I look forward to seeing how this develops and would be interested in promoting a small scale tour and concert in Moray.”

Kresanna Aigner, Director, Findhorn Bay Arts, Moray.

“Just back from the rehearsed reading – seriously good performance with a great mix of humour, some dark bits and excellent music. Would love to see the entire piece as a touring performance.”
Anne Matthews, Ardross.

“Hi Euan, i really enjoyed the show yesterday, I must admit I was rather reluctant to leave home and my garden on such an unseasonably warm and sunny Sunday, but I am so glad that I did as I really appreciated being part of the development of your show. I loved the interaction of the singer songwriter with the actors, the music and story intertwining with some very clever double entendres and thoughtful use of language and imagination. I am very much looking forward to see how the characters develop and where their stories end or progress. I very much hope you get the funding you are looking for to tour this show as we would definitely take it on at Ardross Hall and am sure we would have a large and appreciative audience.”

Juliette Lowe, Ardross hall, Ross-shire.

“I enjoyed reading and seeing Isle of Love. The use of multiple narrators adds to the variety of the stories told. The innovative blend of musicians and actors creates an atmospheric piece that reaches many different levels and really effectively impacts the audience.”

Fraser Welsh. UHI BA (Hons) Drama and Performance student.

“Really enjoyed the play, Lovely use of intertwining music.  Poignant and rich use of music as a separate strand within the play.  Loved that it seemed a new take on the musical format.  It was an interesting and satisfying mash-up – a dramatic play with music.  I thought it worked really well.”

Sherry Morris, Mangonel Theatre.

“I loved the play, and the interaction between the actors and the music – which was fluid and entirely in keeping with the overall storytelling.  I loved how the actors became musicians, and that the musician will become an actor – all very intriguing and am very interested in seeing how that will work.  Greatly looking forward to seeing the eventual show!”

Phil Baarda, Creative Director, Mangonel Theatre.

“Dear Euan.  Thank-you for sending the information about Right Lines Productions latest show Isle of Love. We would be very keen to discuss dates for a tour in 2018, with the intention of hosting three dates in the region.
Your previous show Rapid Departure was a great start to our Arts Live programme, fun,  engaging  theatre with something important  to say.  Isle of Love looks to be shaping up to be excellent piece in a similar vein. We would be delighted to bring the show to our region.  Best wishes.”

Peter Renwick  Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival. 

“Hi Euan, Thanks for this. I would book this production for The Brunton. Previous productions from Right Lines have proved popular with our audiences. This production would certainly appeal to our main drama audience and there is possibly cross over with music audiences. Best Wishes, Lesley.”

Lesley Smith, The Brunton.

“hello Euan – reading looked interesting – and I am pretty sure we would look to booking next year – especially if it was Easter or after when there might be a few visitors about. keep us up to speed.”

Davie Newton, Inverie Hall, Knoydart.

The Gathering – Boat of Garten 10th March 2017.  Following a presentation to potential promoters at The Touring Network’s annual spring Gathering, several venues indicated interest in the production, including Dundee Rep (see below), Lyth Arts, Resolis Hall, Glenurquhart Hall, The Swallow Theatre, Whithorn, The Pagoda, Grantown on Spey, SoyArts, Portsoy and Seall, Skye.

“  The recording of the work in progress event at Eden Court was very impressive and I’m confident that we can find an audience for the work in Dundee.”

Nick Parr Chief Executive, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre Limited.