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Man Shed – Edinburgh Fringe Reviews.

UK Theatre Web ****

A man and his shed. A refuge from the world, even friends and wife. But what does it become when his life changes, when his partner and friend are gone? With his life empty it becomes an excuse to hide away from the world, an excuse he is reluctant to give up when a local Men’s Sheds organisation, for similarly lonely men, encourages him to join.

Audience Reviews

“Ron Emslie delivers a ‘standing ovation’ performance which goes straight to the heart… don’t miss it.” Jason Shroeder, CEO Scottish Men’s Sheds Association.

Julia Chamberlain

Heart breakingly tender and irascibly funny at times, this is a moving portrayal of love, loss and loneliness. Beautifully written, the solo performance by Ron Emslie is a quiet tour de force. If you have ever lost someone, either to death, dementia or emigration this will speak to you. If you are fortunate enough not to be of that group it shines a steady light on what may come. A piece of rare quality that will lodge in your heart long after you leave the theatre.

Steph Marshall Power

Absolutely mesmerising performance and phenomenal writing. Made me laugh, cry, and feel deeply. A stark reminder that mental health, trauma, love, loss, grief, and guilt needs to form part of our everyday check-in with other humans of all ages. Man Shed is not a should-see, it is a must-see.

Ann Marris

Evocative enthralling script and mesmerising acting performance, Powerful, thought provoking message. So well worth a visit, just brilliant .

Liz Dean

This was a real find. An amazing play brilliantly acted. We were spellbound

Peter Searles

A recently bereaved, lonely old man shuffles on stage muttering to himself. Set inside his man shed he continues to do so, musing on his life past present and future. Doesn’t sound like the greatest premise for a scintillating hours entertainment but you couldn’t be more wrong. This show is an absolute gem! Euan Martin’s beautifully observed, pitch- perfect script, sensitively and simply directed by Dave Smith is crowned with a quite outstanding performance from the super talented Ron Emslie. He doesn’t miss a beat. Funny, sad, profound and poignant it covers the full gamut of emotions. Not to be missed! If ever a show deserved a wider audience – this is it!

Charmian Hughes

A beautiful piece that made me cry, about loneliness, widowerhood, losing old friends and finding some kind of path back into life. Ron Emslie exquisitely acts out the protective rituals and pointless tasks from his shed until slowly, painfully, the knowledge that life still has to be lived brings something of a hopeful dawn.

David Catt

An extremely well observed piece of writing brilliantly performed.
As someone recently widowed some of the content rang bells with me.


Beautifully crafted by Euan Martin and Dave Smith, Man Shed is study of any man’s experience of love, loss, happiness and hope.
Ron Emslie delivers an emotionally powerful performance …. he will make you laugh (and cry!) Wonderful. Go… Seek.

Maureen Farquhar

The Man Shed was a powerful drama that has the ability to evoke many emotions and which leaves a lasting impression. Throughout this one man show the actor Ron Emslie delivered an emotional performance that took us on a journey through life, the many hopes we all have. It is a must see show.

Julie Jarrett

Really enjoyed seeing you today! You captured the whole room from the start! Brilliant performance! Thank you so much!

Donald Canavan

Tucked away in Bunker 1 in the Pleasance each afternoon just now is a poignant and touching study of the human condition in our highly connected age.

Right Lines’ gentle portrayal of the evening of a life, reflections on its losses, pains, humour and compensations will resonate with many of us. A beautifully composed intelligent yet feisty script is presented with heartwarming skill, care and authenticity by Ron Emslie.

It’s rare and uplifting to get this glimpse into the power and therapy great theatre can represent.

Take a bow Euan Martin .

Donald McRobbie

Congratulations! Loved the show.

Lorna Young

Congratulations! This is a lovely, funny poignant play. Loved it from beginning to end.

Ian Panton

Hear, hear. It was brilliant.

Stewart Prodger

and very good it was on Saturday, Euan Martin. Powerful and moving performance by Ron, really brought loneliness from partner & friendship loss into the room and still raising more than few smiles.

Sian Macdonald

Saw Manshed yesterday. It was absolutely amazing. I laughed and cried in equal measure. Ron Emslie gave an inspiring performance. I would highly recommend going to see it. X

Louise McGechaen Edgar

This should tour the UK.

I laughed and cried and could relate to so much. Brilliant work.

Dot Bremner

Don’t miss it. It’s a real gem. I was also spellbound and wish I lived in Edinburgh so that I could go to see it again.

Matt McGuinness

Man Shed.  I was lost in this. Felt like an in-depth insight into just one brief thought, one moment that flashed across a gent coming to some kind of terms with his lot in later life. Brilliantly acted.

Margaret Wickham

Can thoroughly endorse this review (from Julia Chamberlain). Had the pleasure of seeing Man Shed today. Such a poignant portrayal by Ron Emslie of Euan Martin’s thought-provoking insights into male grief and loneliness. I left in tears but so honoured to see this fantastic piece of work. I do hope Right Lines tour this production. Remember to mind our men folk

Ronnie Megaughin

And well deserved too Euan Martin, great piece of work.

Billy McLennan

Just seen Manshed at the Festival, outstanding monologue from Ron Emslie, must see show, possibly one of the best I’ve seen at the Festival ever. Go see it, you will not be disappointed!

Fiona Mowbray

We saw this yesterday! Great performance from Ron Emslie!