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PLAY- RIGHTING with Dave Smith

Obviously there is no wrong or right way to go about play writing

But sometimes…

  • talking to someone about your play can help
  • talking to someone who has written several plays themselves can help more
  • talking to someone who has had their plays produced professionally can help even more
  • talking to someone who has worked in theatre since 1986 and has run their own production company and been involved in every aspect of theatrical production and who has specialised in writing for the last 17 years can really, really help.

So why not sign up for a weekend of intensive play-righting with Dave Smith, Director of Right Lines Productions.

What other playwrights say about Dave’s help

‘Dave Smith’s input in turning my 8,000 word draft into a script that could be handed over to the actors was absolutely essential to the final success of Casting Off, which toured to sell-out audiences in 2015. Not only did he immediately see the flaws – practical and otherwise – in the initial draft I gave him, but he also came up with the solutions, as well as maintaining a huge enthusiasm for the project throughout the many stages of revision.’

Philip Paris – playwright, author, journalist.

‘Dave helped me considerably with my script of The Rhum Plants.  As an experienced and versatile writer, he was able to look objectively at my words on the page and offer insightful and positively constructive suggestions to make the play sing and dance.  The play later went on to play full houses at Edinburgh Fringe and on tour!   Dave’s great, and he makes a super cup of tea too’

Phil Baarda – playwright

See Dave’s CV

How is your play?

Need someone to talk to about it?

This course offers a two day intensive one-to-one play writing session with a dedicated tutor.

Come to Tain, in the Scottish Highlands, and concentrate on your play with help, advice and guidance from an expert playwright.

Problems with the plot? Characters not interesting enough? Unspeakable dialogue? Or just plain stuck? Let’s spend the weekend together getting your play into shape.

Dave Smith has been a playwright since 2000 and is half of the well established Right Lines writing partnership.

Over the weekend there will be 6 x 2 hour sessions jointly discussing and working on your play. between these there will be time for your own writing/re-writing.

Workshop space

Accomodation is available in Tain below are links to examples

Air BnB

Bed and Breakfast and Hotels 

Local B n B

How much will this cost? -your accommodation, your travel plus

  •  the weekend course fee -£160. (this price will increase to £200 in August)

To book and discuss your requirements email or phone me on 07703 484847

Once a date is arranged  –  you will receive and email with a PayPal link

Once Booked     –   please submit your play, as it stands, by email so Dave can read and consider the content in advance and we can hit the ground running on your arrival for this exciting creative weekend.