June 2015 Mick Andrew

General Information

Address: 15 High St, Fochabers, Morayshire IV36 7EP. Tel: 01343 821325.

  • Venue is at East end of High St on South side of road. Car Park at venue.
  • Built 1905. Pending substantial upgrade and alteration.
  • Capacity up to 200 if stage used, up to 150 if performing on floor. Stacking padded non-interlocking chairs.
  • Mobile reception good.
  • Fochabers has general store, bank & cashpoint, hotels and cafes. Petrol at Mosstodloch (2 miles). All other services in Elgin (9 miles).

Hall Details

  • Hall Dimensions: 8.8M (28’10”) wide x 20.85M (68’5”) long with balcony overhang over last 4.8M (15’9”). Height at side walls 4.92M (16’2”) rising to approx 6M (19’8”) over centre.
  • Stage: 6.4M (21’) wide x 5.75M (18’10”) deep to back tabs, 7.15M (23’6”) to back wall. Wings 1.3M (4’3”) both sides. Height to grid 3.8M (12’6”); height of stage 1.3M (4’3”). Crossover behind back drapes. Access treads off both sides of front of stage (8 steps), no rake.
  • Décor: floor polished dark wood with Badminton Court markings; walls white; roof beige. Windows have red curtains; stage has beige/grey tabs & borders and dark blue FOH tabs.
  • Get-in: good – through side fire exit, flat, straight through single door into hall. For stage up 2 steps, through double door straight onto stage. Approx 10M from van loading area to stage. Hall access 0.83M (2’9”) wide x 2.35M (7’8”) high; Backstage access doors 1.15M (3’9”) wide x 2M (6’6”) high.
  • Acoustics slightly reverberant.
  • Blackout reasonable – all windows have lined curtains.
  • Heating by radiators.
  • Upright piano in FOH room. Smoke Detectors in hall and above stage – possible to disable these.
  • Large 12-step A-frame ladder & 7-step stepladder available.


  • Power: 60amp 3-phase incomer in switch room FOH. Only 2 13amp sockets in hall and 3 on stage.
  • Small stage lighting rig – 4 Patt23 spots on 2 FOH perches (non-dim) switched from SL wing. Old Junior 8 dimmers condemned.
  • No sound equipment.
  • Houselights are switched fluorescents, switched at back of hall.


  • Dressing Room adjacent to Stage Right.
  • Kitchen available.
  • Separate backstage toilet.

Fochabers Future Plan