The Mol Road

Right lines Productions are applying to Creative Scotland for funding to create their new show The Mol Road. This will be a bilingual show in Gaelic and English and we are looking for expressions of interest from Gaelic speaking actors, 3 male 1 female, with a playing age 50-60, ideally with some musical ability. If interested please contact

This production is just at the application stage but is intended to tour Oct- Nov 2020

We are also seeking a Gaelic speaking  assistant  director and captioner/stage manager trainee.

Here is a synopsis of the show

The Mol Road

Skye – 1981: Gaelic activism is on the rise! A small group of “militant Gaels” embark on a campaign to protect and promote their language, incurring the wrath of The Establishment. Will the Mol Road incident ultimately crush the insurgency, or mark one more step on the path to Justice?


Featuring covert operations, political intrigue, phone-tapping, police raids and the attentions of MI5, The Mol Road will be a multi-media theatre piece told in Gaelic and English with great comedy, music, song – and just a hint of the Sound of Music!  The show will be designed to be performed in village hall venues and the running time will be approximately 75-80 minutes with no interval.

Background to the show

The Mol Road will have particular resonance in Skye where the true-life events referenced in the show took place. Formed in the early 1980s, a protest group called Ceartas (Justice) attempted to publicise the unequal treatment of the Gaelic language by means of non-violent direct action, including a road-sign defacement campaign.  In the interests of authenticity, we have established strong connections with some of the original participants in the activities alluded to in the piece and this will assist greatly with the research and development of the project.