Be Silent or Be Killed Audience Comments


Good performance. Better suited to the Fringe in Edinburgh. Sound effects very good.

A tremendous play, absorbing from the beginning and at times I was in the room with him. Very smart and clever use of video, text techniques was also a delight. The question session gave an even more interesting insight. Well done.
A very moving experience. A powerful story which drew us in completely. Both frightening and thought provoking. Nothing can beat live theatre with such professional actors and writers. Fantastic!
Absolutely excellent. Really gripping from start to finish. Well done to EVERYONE involved, and what a wonderful bonus to have Roger Hunt present. Bloody fantastic! Full Comments on Be Silent or Be Killed
I saw the production at Cottier Kelvinbridge tonight and thought I’d write and tell you how much I enjoyed it. I really liked the modern interpretation of the events, and liked the minimal furnishings, also. The screen backdrop kept everything in context , and I liked how the past and present were intermingled, as it must have been for Roger during his ordeal. Well done to all involved!!

Excellent staging and acting. Great use of screen for scenes and for text/emails. Always something going on. Really appreciate the actors learning the Macduff accent/Doric. Very real knowing it actually happened like that. Plays like this should be supported and were tonight.

An intense and riveting performance – the set, back projections and mastery of the cast brought shocking reality to within the audience’s touch. V powerful theatre.

Marvellous performance local, friendly, accessible.

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance – congratulations to all. However, one of our party has a hearing difficulty which meant that the question and answer session after the performance with Roger was not heard. Could I suggest that in future, Euan and Roger have microphones

Thanks, in this ‘safe’ place it’s good to hear about others dangers.

Good to see real story portrayed.

Brilliant play, well written. Portrayal of events meant that I, as a member of the audience was taken right into the experience. Well done Euan Martin yet again!!! P.s. Raven was really good (CBBC fan).

Love a play and the fact that it is a true story it captured the emotions of the family – congratulations to the actor. I would love to see more of your plays.

It was very moving and because of the experience. I felt truly involved. The acting was excellent.

Thank you! New direction for Euan’s writing, enjoyed it immensely. All the better for being true – “world turns on a sixpence etc”

Excellent portrayal of book. Very professional actors, felt the emotion of the play and terror Roger experienced and the family

Excellent performance. Read book and wondered how it could be reproduced on stage. It was amazing

Excellent thoroughly enjoyed it Performance was excellent! Didn’t know how it would be portrayed with it being one persons story. Read the book and thought the play reflected it very well. Well done 🙂

Superb cast – really well done Fantastic – well done Right Lines. Great insights from Roger too, special!

It was an absolutely fantastic production. It was captivating. I felt the tension and was at the edge of my seat.

Amazing!! Excellent. Powerful. The show was amazing! it had me on the edge of my seat ! Very moving, thanks. I loved it!!!

What an amazing performance. So moving – brilliant acting by all 3. Great production, 5 stars

Most enjoyable – great acting – so very moving. 5 star performance.

Brilliant performance! Told story very well. Read book – fantastic! Well done!
Fantastic – very well played/performed

Very touching!! It’s good to see ‘the real thing’ on stage! It makes it all more coming to my doorstep, which is good.

An exceptional experience. A truly frightening episode distilled into 1 hour of captivating drama. The venue was ideal for the intensity of the performance.

Excellent production. Difficult theme done very well

Great acting Excellent production of a very emotive story – more please!

Brilliant show and should be made into a film

Excellent Excellent production!

Fantastic! Chilling! Shivers up my spine.

Brilliant Excellent. Kept very captivated by only 3 people on stage was very clever the way the story was told and flashbacks to Roger’s thoughts etc gave a snapshot to how Roger must have felt in that hotel room on his own. Having read the book, seeing it on stage was depicted really well. Just a shame that we live in a world where anyone would have to go through something like that.

Excellent performance, very moving

Well worth it. Good acting, good script, based very closely on what actually happened. Good that the author of “Be Silent or Be Killed” was available for questions afterwards. Thanks

Absolutely excellent. Really gripping from start to finish. Well done to EVERYONE involved, and what a wonderful bonus to have Roger Hunt present.

Brilliantly executed. Quite inspirational. Really worthwhile of course it was very much enhanced by the privilege of Roger’s appearance and opportunity for questions

Very moving. Excellent performance by cast. Use of IT added to performance

Outstanding production, incredibly powerful story. James Mackenzie’s performance was first class. Plenty food for thought.

A tremendous play, absorbing from the beginning and at times I was in the room with him. Very smart and clever use of video, text techniques was also a delight. The question session gave an even more interesting insight. Well done.

Good story, acted out really well. Great cast. Well done. Will be looking for your next production in Aberdeen

Really interesting production – relevant and topical. Great structure to the play and staging especially projection. Well done to all!

A gripping, engaging and imaginatively staged show with very strong performances

Superb images/texts on screen very effective

Fabulous! Go see it – an hour and a bit you do not need to get back!!

Thoroughly enjoyed the performance, sound effects made it realistic. The evening was enhanced by Roger being present. Excellent!

A brilliant play. It was well acted and I would wish to see more of this type of theatre. Funding is so important for these types of projects, so that all types of theatre can be seen in all venues

Fantastic production. Gripping, nostalgic, everything that is needed to convey a show like this.

Amazing acting, amazing visual effects that linked the story marvelously! Overall so, so good. Amazingly flowing show.

Excellent, so dramatic, felt I was in the room!

An excellent piece of riveting and emotionally charged theatre. Well-conceived, written and executed. Not too many bad jokes, this time thank you

Very well acted – great performance. Liked the mix of humour and seriousness. Liked how the flashbacks were portrayed

Intense, gripping and emotional. A great portrayal of his survival and the impact on everyone. Great acting

Excellent performance – went through range of emotions – great script. Well done!!

Very powerful production – very thought provoking, excellent! Well done Euan & Co

Extraordinary – bit stunned and it wasn’t just the sound – brilliant

It was terrific – very powerful and very emotional

Excellent performances all round and skillfully put together by the writers and director. Thoroughly enjoyed by us both

A very moving experience. A powerful story which drew us in completely. Both frightening and thought provoking. Nothing can beat live theatre with such professional actors and writers. Fantastic!

This was really inspiring – chilling to the bone

Amazing Excellent portrayal of very intense situation. Very tense. Actors did a great job. Can’t wait for the film!

Very moving, excellent play Thoroughly enjoyed the show, listening to the Q&A session – a lot of research was carried out, and much discussion to get the accurate information.

Well done to everyone involved

Very moving, funny, uplifting moments, which lightened a tense atmosphere. Brilliantly staged and acted.

Fantastic. Gripping. Real. The computer/graphic/backdrop was tremendously well done – just made it

Fantastic insight into a moving, difficult situation. Emotional but enjoyable

Came reluctantly, thank goodness we did come. Marvellous evening. The cast was wonderful wish I could do that!!

A nice clean theatre with comfy seats and good acoustics. Compelling acting with a powerful story behind it. No complaints

Incredible that Rodger is so well adjusted after such trauma. The suspense created was excellent. Well done all.

Brilliant. I expected it to be scary & morbid. It was not! Don’t have the vocabulary to say how good it was

Spellbinding performance – lasted one hour but I feel as if we’ve just gone in. Could txt be left on slightly longer as didn’t have time to read them all. VG

The very best kind of live theatre – creating the total illusion of the hotel siege and engaging the audience in the minds of the protaganists

Really enjoyed the show. Gripping imformative and compelling. Learned a lot from the Q&A. Good to see a story based on the truth (other than sensationalised news)

Be Silent Or Be Killed was fantastic. Covered a great deal of emotion. Acting was excellent. Well worth coming to see

Brilliant!!! Q&A difficult to hear Excellently produced. Worthwhile seeing.

Excellent acting, great production and set very clever. Fortunate to be at performance with Roger’s Q&A – very good idea and a very nice gracious man

Thoroughly enjoyed the play – an emotional & thought provoking evening. Credit to writers, actors and those who worked ‘in background’.

An excellent play which not only illustrated the dangerous moments at Mumbai but also the more humorous associations with family and friends.

Very enjoyable and memorable performance

emails not left on screen long enough to read. Overall sound – not enough projection. Conversation piece at end v difficult to hear – microphones needed.

Fantastic!! Gripping. Emotional. Use of projection and sound excellent. Loved the 80’s scenes!!

Thought provoking and emotional, well acted. Well done Roger to be there to tell the tale!

Great Although the smoke contributed to the atmosphere and ensured we identified with the character. It may be too much for people with asthma and breathing problems. Overall very well portrayed, good use of digital imagery

Riveting and very well acted. Particularly enjoyed the NE dialect!

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it. Felt the fear. A ‘tour de force’ by main actor, also beautifully staged. Thank you.

Very good performance. Some texts/emails could do with being on screen for longer.

Powerful, stunning, breathtaking. Acting was superb.

Excellent production and design.

Impressive how they expanded the story/characters. Technically very impressive.

I have regularly attended Cumbernauld Theatre for several years now and even though I no longer reside in Cumbernauld I still make a point of finding out what’s on and coming along. It deserves to be funded as it provides a whole range of programmes that are entertaining and different. Tonight’s show being a prime example of that.

Riveting! Great special effects. Very good background which changed. Acting was sublime.

Very good. Slick, scary. Very good production. Excellent acting. Good use of props. Enthralling.

Enjoyed the show and production. Creative use of screen and visuals and sound. Didn’t like the seating in the venue as much as harder to see and felt claustrophobic.

Excellent – xxxxx interpretation of the Scot! Well acted and maintained dramatic tension.

Good performance. Better suited to the Fringe in Edinburgh. Sound effects very good.

Well run/managed. Comfortable and professional. Production good.

Great story, great performance. Transitions were good and added to the depth of the story. Multi-media great! Thoroughly enjoyed!

Too much smoke. Problem is asthmatic.

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the many switches in scenes. Thank you so much. Rather difficult to see all action from the second row.

Take note Rothes Hall please!

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Wanted it also to include the after effects of the experience on RH and family. Play itself – v well done – special effects very effective.

Great show. Creative storytelling. Dreadful venue – Rothes Halls.

Brilliant. The tension was maintained from start to finish. I felt we were fly on the wall witnesses to events. The use of visual background mingled with changing events both in the present and in Roger’s life were professionally produced and well portrayed by the actors. Well done!

Both male leads excellent. Helen Mackay excellent 98% except when the Indian sales woman had a Scottish accent. Pity the audience was poor in numbers. Great script.

Good length. Local references were great. Serious matter dealt with well. Good use of technology and props.

Excellent, really enjoyed it. Really enjoyed it! (Perhaps slightly overzealous use of the smoke machine at times). Very powerful. (Read next week’s Dunfermline Press for full review!) Great show!

The play was very well done portraying a very difficult subject. The theatre is small and nice. This is the first time we have been here and if the plays are this standard we will be back.

Very interesting, moving, funny and sad.

A very good view in to what it must have been like for Roger – very well and simply acted. Thank you.

Excellent. You could feel the tension. Very good.

Great show. Good venue but cold!

Story well told. Good acting. Dramatic presentation. Good lighting / sound effects.
Very well acted. Not enough time to read texts.

Good use of multi-media (ie screen to show emails, tv news, football matches: Aberdeen V Real) Music however at times drowned out actor’s voice. Created a gripping atmosphere with clever use of props and visuals.

FAB Great acting. Great characters. Lots of tension, really enjoyed it.

Excellent – riveting, brilliant!! Powerful live theatre – excellent action story, production etc!! Very much worth coming a long way for.

Excellent, 3 brilliant actors, great performance.

A well presented depiction of what it is like to be confronted by a terrorist attact. Very well acted.

Powerful stuff! Very well acted. Very good show – very well done, very gripping performance. Loved every minute.

Very powerful production and performances. Well done.

V well done – simple but effective.

Excellent performances. Enjoyed the closeness of stage and audience. Set was very good.

Bloody fantastic! Excellent drama, on the edge of my seat. Amazing how so few people can tell such a story. Very creative.

Very good performance illustrating the issues that affected Roger and many others during this traumatic experience.

Set was minimal but it fell full due to good visual backdrop. Quick changeovers between scenes and each time a completely new atmosphere was created.

Sound effects were very well chosen – loud enough to create surprise and fear in the audience that would reflect the reality of the situation.

Main character (James Mackenzie) reacted excellently to the sounds and reactions were seen in his physicality not just his face. All actors were superb – vocally they did well to be clear through moving and jumping around. Snippets of ‘the past’ broke up the intenseness with injections of humour.

Actors were all physically engaging! JM also have very precise and clear movements.

Euan and team – this was just brilliant. Everyone should see it!! We laughed and cried. Loved it loads. Xxx

Simply fantastic. The production got it just right. Great use of acting and multi-media – made you feel you were there. As a regular traveller I have to admit I found it compulsive and emotional – would recommend it.

Very engrossing, well acted, deserves a bigger audience. Gripping stuff, not for the faint-hearted. Excellent acting. Well done guys!

The performances were all absolutely fantastic and believable. The use of a simple set was very effective and the use of the scent of smoke was highly powerful in transporting the audience. All in all very enjoyable and powerful as a piece of theatre.

This was a well acted “convincing in the moment” piece of work. We need more plays like this – well done! A great night’s entertainment – thought provoking.

Oh my god it was amazing. I laughed, I cried and I loved all the people. Going to download the story on my Kindle. Thank you.

Excellent. Really great pace – use of screen in background clever. Acting right gritty – very enjoyable!

Great production. Captured the feelings and atmosphere. Well acted and written.

Enjoyed – story told well. Very well integrated portrayal of events.

Enjoyed and very well done. Mix of stories i.e brother, wife etc Roger.

Brilliant show, fantastic use of video. Great actors. Thoroughly captivating – 5 stars.

Story was well acted – lots of tension and good effects.

Very good! Excellent production, thoroughly enjoyed it. Plenty tension and expertly acted. Must read the book.

Brilliant – enthralling. Excellent show. Well performed by all 3 cast members. Moving and gripping.

This was amazing!! An excellent production – compelling. Best I’ve seen for a long time.

Tension was unbearable – at times – interspersed with memories of home was poignant. I shed a tear when your son was born – a great? Experience.

Gripping. Wonderful story very well acted.

Great venue for a start! You were really engaged in the story. I thought that the use of projection worked really well and sound effects worked really well. Acting was great. Only thing I would say is that you could hear every time the mouse at the back was clicked which was slightly off-putting but I’m putting that down to the size of the venue.

Excellent – very intense experience from start to finish. Great writing, production and acting. Superb.

Fantastic evening. We were all on the edge of our seats. Superb acting.

Well acted and produced. Enjoyed greatly.

I love to sit in the back rows because there is more room for my legs, however, it means that I couldn’t read the screen “emails” in this production, which made up a significant part of this play – bummer, because the play was riveting!

The skilful use of Doric speech unusual feature. Claustrophobic atmosphere of 5 star modern Businessman’s hotel coupled with homicidal tendency of Pakistan extremism.

We enjoyed the play. It was ingenious how a play could be done “from a guy behind the sofa” BOUGHT THE BOOK.

Extremely well acted true life story. Excellent production.

Really enjoyed this. Well done. Really well done. Fantastic acting – mesmerising.

Bravo performance from all 3 – especially Roger. Very economical set – flexible and good use of technology to create atmosphere. Flashback used well too. Thank god for mobile phones.

Excellent performances – well worth showing. Shame not more publicity eg banner on wall of Hall could have been advertising this rather than out-of-date Ricky Ross performance.

Absolutely brilliant. Actors all superb. Tension held throughout. Great use of screen at rear. Highly superb Travelled from Edinburgh to see this and was worth the journey ten times over.

Well acted. Very good