Tuesday 26th Feb. Adelaide Fringe is completely different from Edinburgh as there is less reliance on a tourist audience and more emphasis on local people supporting the shows. Consequently, there is very little programming during the day. Given the extreme heat, that’s probably a good strategy, but it means that all the shows are bunched up between 6 – 10pm, with late-night activities pretty much restricted to the main centres of Gluttony and The Garden of Unearthly Delights. This is like two George Square gardens venues side by side, complete with pop up bars, yurts and the Spiegeltent. And tame possums late at night.

In the afternoon, I went for a walk along the River Torrens to get some views of the city. Apparently, this is not something the locals do… at least not when the temp is 36 degrees. During my 8 km stroll, I met about 4 cyclists and West End producer Richard Jordan! We had a brief exchange about the ridiculousness of the Brits (on this occasion, I’ll agree to be so classified) out walking in these brutal conditions and then we went our separate ways in search of water!
Saw some great wild birds which I will post some other time and some fab views of the city. Most were snapped using another camera.

The evening activities at the National Wine Centre to follow…


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