A great schools and community project complete with script, animated projected visuals and music.

For further information, please contact Euan Martin, Right Lines Productions.

A brand-new panto-style children’s theatre show, Tooriebrochan appeared on Moray stages in December 2009, combining the talents of professional actors, a community cast and local children.

Right Lines Productions joined forces with Elgin’s Red Shoes Theatre to develop “The Great Tartan Haggis of Tooriebrochan!” a fun-filled musical comedy featuring evil villains, fabled creatures and a romantic hero in pursuit of true love – and a Tartan Haggis!
The story centres on a young man coming from the US to the Highlands to discover his roots, so it seemed an ideal show to stage during the Year of Homecoming.  We were very fortunate to receive a grant from The Moray Homecoming Fund and as a result, we were able to work with 3 rural primary schools – Alves, Aberlour and Glenlivet.

Each school selected a group of aspiring actors and following a series of workshops and rehearsals in the schools, a performance of the full show took place in each village in December 2009, with the children forming the chorus.

It was a challenging project because in each school performance, the main actors were the same, but the chorus was different!

This was a really exciting community project.  In addition to 5 performances at Red Shoes – there were performances in Aberlour Fleming Hall, Glenlivet Hall and Alves School Hall.

The main funding for the production came from Awards For All, but there was also a considerable “in-kind” contribution from both Right Lines Productions and Red Shoes which ensured the production became a reality.